Martin P. Schweitzer
Retired Brigadier General, United States Army
This election cycle is painful.

This election cycle is painful.

What is going on with our Nation?  Why is this election cycle so much worse than anything I can remember in recent history.  The lack of depth on the R side ….the lack of honesty and reality on the D side ….we deserve so much more as Americans.


  1. Garry Brown
    March 16, 2016 at 10:38 pm · Reply

    It’s like hearing finger nails racked on chalk board.

  2. Keith
    March 17, 2016 at 1:50 am · Reply

    Couldn’t agree more with this schizophrenic election cycle this year. The election process has evolved into an expensive, deal maker opportunity (when you leave office) and game show. Who is going to promise the most? Who is going to shake everyone’s hand and promise them everything that they want? Long are the days when your word was your bond. Moreover, the election has transcended all socio-economic status. There aren’t issues that all Americans can gravitate, even the global war on terrorism. Instead the issues argued by the candidates continue to polarize Americans as well as distance us from the rest of the world. The challenge for America in 2017 will be yet another inexperienced, uncompromising and self-centered leader in the Presidency rather than what we really need: a level-headed, honest, compromising, and visionary leader. Without a doubt these next four years will test America’s soul.

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