Martin P. Schweitzer
Retired Brigadier General, United States Army
Super Delegates? You’re kidding me.

Super Delegates? You’re kidding me.

I am hoping that no one will disagree with what I am about to write regardless of Party affiliation (D/R/I).  For the record I am an Independent — strong Independent.  Super Delegates?  Really?  This is unbelievable that the voters in a State can be trumped by elected officials because they have been given a “separate vote” that is equal to the delegates that are awarded in State Primaries and Caucuses.  I am not a Bernie fan, but what the DNC and selected officials are doing seems to me to be inconsistent with the Framers intent of voting – both individually as well as through representation.  I listened to the distinguished (other) Senator from Vermont – and he said that regardless of the State vote – he was going to give his super delegate vote to Mrs Clinton.  What?  This can’t be right.  Who picks them?  What is the purpose?  Why are Super Delegate votes even allowed to exist?  Clearly this is a mechanism to prevent “outside” candidates from having a fair chance at winning the Democratic nomination.  Simply disgusting.


  1. Eric Courtright
    February 20, 2016 at 3:22 pm · Reply


    I really enjoy reading your posts. I think you bring an interesting and much needed perspective to the table on a number of issues. I agree that the super delegate system makes it harder for outsiders to gain the party nomination. But I don’t believe it goes against the framers’ intentions. They created a representative democracy, not a true democracy. For example, voters didn’t initially get to vote on who was elected to the Senate, the representatives they chose made that call for them. Our system depended on an informed population of voters, who were also required to pay taxes in order have a say in who represented them. Another large difference in our current system is that the initial powers powers granted to the executive branch were much more limited then what we see today (I believe you’ve also posted about the use executive orders in the past). The issues raised in regards to our original voting system usually lead to discussions on equality. There clearly shouldn’t be inequality of opportunity, but we also seem to have gotten away from our responsibility as citizens to be well informed and to contribute to our country.

    All of that aside, the party system has failed to change with the changes in our society. Before we had phones, television, and the Internet, the party system was a good way to pass information across the country about potential candidates. We no longer as a society need to have this information passed along by the parties. Thanks to social media ordinary citizens can even interact with the candidates in real time. I think the ability for outsiders in both parties to gain as much traction as they have in this election shows that it is actually getting easier to overcome traditional barriers, not harder.

    Finally, from what I understand the super delegates represent a small portion of the overall delegate votes. If Bernie continues to win the popular vote, he’ll win the nomination. At the moment the super delegate system makes the race seem closer than it probably is, however it won’t change the outcome of the decision in the end.

    Always enjoy reading your posts. AATW!

    • mpschweitzer
      February 22, 2016 at 3:58 pm · Reply

      Great response and a super perspective. Thanks

  2. Bobby Wood
    February 24, 2016 at 1:06 am · Reply

    What’s the point in voting if super duper dudes can wipe away what the “people” want? It’s an outrage what is occurring in our United States. Really? I heard of this watching CNN and was stunned and angry. How do u take this negative energy and turn it into positive action? How? Who on earth would I talk too? The congressman who’s my super delegate? Get serious. Maybe we file a lawsuit and say my constitutional rights have been violated. In years we may be able to get this issue in front of 8 Justices. Is America sleeping? What’s next? Cell phone encryption codes give to the super dudes so they can easedrop on their competition? Aww… They no better than to do that. Just trust them.

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