Martin P. Schweitzer
Retired Brigadier General, United States Army
First Primary ….tonight

First Primary ….tonight

For me this is agonizing to watch both parties debate National Security as if the only lever is the Military instrument of power (none of them ever wore a uniform but they express their mastery by focusing on tactical actions).  My hope is one of the candidates on either side will actually discuss National Security at the Strategic level and discuss how they would integrate the four instruments of power — Economic, Diplomacy, Information, and Military.  Anybody have any thoughts?

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  1. Ken B
    February 10, 2016 at 11:12 pm · Reply

    This whole campaign for both parties has met with little to no dialogue on National Security. Several of the candidates have toyed with the overall concept yet have no clue on the real significance and how it affects this great country. Will be interesting to hear!

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