Martin P. Schweitzer
Retired Brigadier General, United States Army
Donald Rumsfeld – has amnesia.

Donald Rumsfeld – has amnesia.

I rarely attack the person when addressing problems – in fact; I have not done it 5 times in over 30 years in the military or 2 years in the civilian sector.  However, listening to Donald Rumsfeld over the last few days on TV has been nauseating.  This guy was one of the primary Hawks for going to war in Iraq.  He made the case, linked Sadaam to weapons of mass destruction, was the “cheerleader” to go to war – yet listening to him on the talk shows and late night this past week…one would think he was simply a subordinate staff officer providing information up the chain of command for someone else to build the options / courses of action, recommendation, and subsequent implementation.  He can’t walk away from this.  He is the embodiment of that War, the execution and implementations are his and his alone to address.  In his recent engagements with the media, he places all blame on the President and represents that he was simply a “messenger”.  Painful to hear what was coming out of his mouth.  When I think of a demonstrable example of a senior leader not applying all four instruments (Military, Dip, Information, and Economic) of power to achieve an endstate  …I think of Rumsfeld.  I am disgusted.

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