Martin P. Schweitzer
Retired Brigadier General, United States Army


There is no controversy with the Recent Ranger Graduating Class – they all earned the TAB

I am reposting the below based on a series of articles without sources, an ignorant directive by a member of congress, and, in my opinion, shameful posts that i have seen over social media.   Folks need to get over this — all 96 earned their tabs — and it was a lower graduation rate then when I went through in 1985.     “To the 96 Ranger School Graduates — you are all great — and to the 200+ that did not graduate — you are awesome as well and wish you luck in your next attempt(s) at Ranger School. I have to tell you I am getting sick of folks responding to a Newspaper Article about how Ranger School relented on standards to assist the two ladies to graduate – unfair and not true. This is insulting on many levels. First to the Ladies themselves — what they achieved, like the other 1% of the Army has achieved who have graduated — is incredible; take pride in honoring them and the other 94 graduates. Embrace the two women graduates and the 94 men — let’s celebrate them not attack. Second it is insulting to the NCOs — the actual trainers at Ranger School — implying that they were “bought” through pressure to reduce the standards is disgusting. If anyone knows CSM Arnold — you would know he would have to be fired before he reduced a single standard — our NCOs are tremendous and those trainers at the Ranger Training Brigade deserve a thank you every day for implementing standards — not attacked because of a rumor or article quoting “a source” — simply pitiful. Finally and #3 — to the leadership at Fort Benning and all former graduates. The class started with 300 folks ….when you add recylces from previous classes …the number of total students who attempted exceeds 300 — yet only 96 passed. Less than 33% graduation rate. When I went to Ranger school in 1985 …we had about 300 attempt …and 115 pass ….a better ratio. I saw a comment about MG Miller walking a patrol ….yet when he was a senior leader in our unique forces in combat …no one commented then that he was “walking patrols” with the troops under fire –simply a stupid comment. It is routine for leaders (especially Miller) to check the training and the troops. The leadership at Fort Benning is the very best — implying anything else is slander. Keep getting after it!!!

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